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De: chenzhi [mailto:czswlj@yahoo.com.cn]
Date:  29/04/2013 02:09

Object : Re: VANGUARD Visit at Baisha Naxi Embroidery Institute
? 2013-4-29,??12:34,"Philippe FERNANDES" <p.fernandes@vanguardeu.com> ??:
Dear Teacher Jack,      
First of all I would like to congratulate your team about their  professionalism, kindness, and amazing work. As per our conversation, I am  really interested in the work named THE GATE IN THE HEART.
I was not prepared to make any purchase of this kind art during our Chinese trip but since I am here I would like to propose you the following offer.
I could give you CASH in EUR 1,500 (without frame). This is the CASH I am having here. I cannot use my credit card since I have done other big expense this month in Europe. I hope you can consider the purchase of Charles Hsu  and other customers to accept this price.
Be also sure that I will highly recommend my friends who visit
China to come and see your amazing Institute.
As far as I am concerned, I hope to come back in the future to take more  time visiting this wonderful region with my wife and maybe complete a future collection of your embroidery work.
If you are interested in this offer, I will be pleased to have your visit at the hotel
Shangri-La road, Lijiang.
My phone number is +352 621 367 051
I will be at the hotel until 13:30. We will be leaving at 14:00 to the airport.I do hope you can accept this offer.
Looking forward to your feed back by email our by phone.
Kindest Regards
Room 1132

Hello, my friend. Mr PHILIPPE FERNANDES
Thank you very much for your email, about your price, it is too low. I can not make a decision, so I had to ask my principal and my master, they gave you  the best price is 1660EUR or 1500Eur and 1300rmb.So sorry I can not let  you collect our arts with 1500Eur.Hope you do not mind.  
All the best wishes!
From iPhone
Dear Jack,
I can accept your offer with 1500 EUR + 1300 RMB.
I have just tried to call you but your line is busy.
Can you come to the hotel for 13:00?
Let me know at your earliest convenience.
Kindest Regards
Room 1132

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