The Embroidery Will Give Me A Life Time Of Pride、 Enjoyment And Strength

Hello, Miss A Emilia Decroix.

I am Jackchenzhi the Principal Assistant of the Baisha Naxi Embroidery  Institute, I thought you already back home now, would please transfer the  money 1000 US dollars to us.Thank you very much.Hope you had a great trip  in China.

All the best wishes/


Dear Jack,

The bank informed me this morning that the transfer to your account was  made.

Please inform me when you have received the transfer. To avoid a long        distance call, a email will be satisfactory.

I am extremely sorry that I was the cause of questioning my integrity.

your embroidery will give me a life time of pride, enjoyment and strengthin my belief that real beauty provides solace in life.

Sorry that I caused concerns.

Many thanks to all you had faith in me.

A Emilia De Croix

Dear Mr Jack Chenzhi,  

I am the brother-in-law of Mrs A.Emilia De Croix. I am living in           Bruges-Belgium.

This word to confirm you that through an European bank,

on date of 26 September 28, 2012 a sum of US$ 1.000,00

has been transferred on your account n°137223991325 by the Bank of China Lijiang Branch

Following the instructions you have given with your e-mail of 20 September.

The account of Mrs De Croix is already debited, so I suppose that within  very few days your account will be credited.

With my best regards.
José Janclaes

Hello,Dear Mr Jose Janclaes.

We received your money today, thank you very much for your great helps,  please tell your sister in law, thank you. If you travel to China, please come  to Lijiang to visit us and our Naxi Hand Made Embroidery Institute   ( Hope everything will go well around you.

Best wishes/


Dear Mr.Chenzhi,

Your message good received.
Happy to hear that everything is right now.

Thank you for your invitation en I hope also the best for you.

Friendly regards

José Janclaes

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